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 It's A Man's Job

Daddy taught me how to swing a 20 oz hammer
drive a nail through the center of a 2x4
and I used to make a livin' walkin' steel on a buildin'
hangin tin on the edge of the 25th floor
sweat, dirt, back hurt all in a day's work
any ole boy could do
but Baby lovin' you is a

Man's Job 24-7
Someone who'll be tough enough to take the heat
It's a man's job, and you're the kind of woman
that needs the kinda lovin' that a boy can't be
now lookin' at you girl I see
It's a Man's job
A Job for a Man like me

These two hands have done a lot of hard work
but underneath the surface there's a tender touch
you can rest assured knowin', if your heart's been broken
in a flash, I can patch that baby right up
That same lame champagne, smooth talkin'
love game, that's what all the boys'll do.
They don't know lovin' you is a

Now Baby I don't mind...
puttin';in a little Overtime.

It's a Man's Job
Oh, It's a Man's Job